Sing it Girls in Schools

 Thank you for taking the time to review some of the evaluations the participants of Sing it Girls have completed.  

What Music Therapists are Saying


It's a Safe and Musical Environment...

Sing it Girls is a fantastic program that allows the girls to grow and learn about themselves, in a safe and musical environment. We discuss topics such as anxiety and worry, how to relax, change, friendship, and more! I love listening to the girls sing, and hear the excitement in their voices when they have an idea about how to make the song better. My favorite part is that the girls get tangible tools (deep breathing, muscle relaxation, etc.) that they can take with them throughout their lives to help when they are having a stressful time. 

-Danielle Turvey BMT, MTA

Participants Gain Confidence...

I believe that the level of comfort someone experiences about using their voice is strongly connected to how they feel about themselves as a whole. As the weeks went by, I saw each participant gain confidence in their vocal abilities, and increase body awareness as they participated in activities involving the use of movement and voice. It was wonderful to witness the girls sharing their own stories in support of a peer when they were able to relate to common themes or issues. On a personal note, I find this to be such a meaningful program as I have also struggled as a youth with finding, and being comfortable with my own voice.

-Nancy Leung BMT, RP, MTA, AVPT

Girls Can Express Themselves...

The Sing It Girls program is a fantastic opportunity for young girls to express themselves creatively in a supportive environment.  It gives them a place to grow confidence, enjoy music and build friendships, without the pressures of academic or competitive standards.  As a program leader, it provides a structure for music therapists that is built on evidence-based research literature, while also being easy to follow and adapt when needed.

What struck me most when first facilitating the program was how quickly the girls bonded and formed a strong social network to encourage each other.  I also observed how they were able to channel their anxiety, frustration, and other challenging feelings into a healthy outlet, and develop coping skills that they could utilize outside of the Sing It Girls group space.

I resonate strongly with the tenets of the Sing It Girls program, which are based in compassionate care, resource-oriented understanding, and holistic well-being.

-Kimiko Suzuki, MTA, MT-BC